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12 Bizarre Android Apps and Games

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Android devices are in the market for quite a while now and there are apps of all kinds and sorts. You can make out that the market is maturing as you see the appearance of some really weird and crazy apps. These apps will make you wonder about what the makers were thinking when they made them. Try beating this list of the most weird, most bizarre and silliest Android apps.

12 Bizarre Android Apps and Games

1. Crack your screen

We start off with an app which is weird of course but has high ‘prank’ value! Shake up your phone before your friend takes it to admire and in a few moments, there is a very realistic crack on the screen. The only way to make the crack go is to shake it again. But you will bored of the app after a dozen pranks.

2. My magic 8 ball

This is another app that helps time-pas for a while. The magic ball appears on your screen and answers your questions. About 20 or so answers have been pre-loaded into the app which cycles them randomly to yield funny, interesting or grotesque and weird results to your interrogation!

3. Paper racing

Don’t build any images of a thrilling race by reading the name. This app is a contest on who will be able to unroll a complete roll of toilet paper hanging by the side of a commode. Though a shallow concept, this weird game gets fun when you are really bored.

4. 1Poo3

This app is completely gross. Hate someone? Bugged with a friend? The app provides you with an ugly way to vent out frustration – by throwing s**t! Collect poo and select a photo from your phone. Hurl away the poo to your heart’s content and vent out your anger and frustration. Wonder if anyone is as sick as to get their hands so ‘dirty’ to tarnish someone?

5. Dummy

A real pointless app that encourages sadism. It really questions the emotional quotient of the user downloading it for it is not only weird, but also disturbing! In this game app, a crazy man attempts to count the number of newborns. How does he do it? By smashing these little babies on their heads with a huge hammer! Is it any wonder that the app is free?

6. Slap the baboon

Open the app and you are faced with a baboon which displays its butt in your face. And what you have to do it to slap the butt and enjoy it too! Wonder who would want to be a pain in the rear for a baboon?

7. Hair plucker

The app presents a cute girl in hot pants and a small top. She has some unwanted body hair and you are to take up that task. The app allows you to zoom real close to the hairs and pluck them out one by one. The app is not only silly but also awful.

8. Pimple popper

From the creator of the Hair Plucker comes another weird app – one that consists of bursting pimples! Prick and squeeze out the pus from the pimples on screen. The attention to detail here only makes the app yuckier.

9. Finger slayer

Here is a game that tests your reflexes. A small delay in taking out your finger will result in getting it chopped! The impact of the finger getting chopped is gruesome. Though the game is entertaining at the beginning, within five minutes, one is bound to feel bored and a bit nauseous too.

10. Fart Sound Board

You will surely wonder what has happened to the world when you see an app specially made to create farts! And the app prides itself with a variety of these sounds. Really gross right? But the app is available anyway.

11. Power Puker

The app sets you in a toilet with an open commode. The game is to puke into the commode from the longest distance possible. Beware before you try it out. Not everyone can digest this retching game.

12. I eat cockroaches

This is the greatest weirdo among them all! It helps you drink cockroaches from your own phone! The app helps you to juice cockroaches along with a dash of lemon and flashes of ice. The cockroach cocktail can then be drunk to gross out your friends. The app could serve as a dare during parties. A loud echoing burp ends this ugly meal. Though the apps are weird, one must say that some of them definitely ‘reek’ with creativity. Everyone will surely like one or two of them from the above list either for its prank value or shock value. Which will be your pick?

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