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Top 5 iPhone Apps for Business Owners

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More business owners are realizing how easy it is to run their business on the go using popular iPhone apps for their mobile phones. However, trying to sort through the thousands of apps that are available can be tedious and overwhelming, especially if they are new to using these apps. Here is a list of five useful iPhone apps that all business owners can use to help increase their productivity.

Top 5 iPhone Apps for Business Owners

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It should be no surprise that a Microsoft product does not perform too well on an Apple product. That is the big problem iPhone users face when they receive a document using Microsoft Word or Excel software. While the iPhone does allow users to view the documents, they cannot edit the documents at all on their phones, making it hard to do minor changes on the go.


With the QuickOffice app, iPhone users can now view and edit documents right on their phones, making it easy to make final edits to projects without having to find a computer. There are other document editing apps that are available on the marketplace for a few dollars cheaper ($15 vs. $10), but QuickOffice allows you to edit the 2003 & 2007 editions. The closest competitor, Documents To Go, only allows users to edit Microsoft Office 2007 documents.


Time management is one of the most important things that a business owner can change, as time is a valuable asset to any business. That is why all business owners should be using this app for their phones.


HoursTracker is a mobile time sheet that business owners can log their time on immediately, instead of waiting to get back to the office. This app allows professionals to manage multiple clients as well, meaning it is a great fit for doctors, lawyers, architects and just about any one else who bills hourly when meeting with clients. The app also serves a great purpose for those owners who want to track just how much time they spend on each client so they can properly adjust their rates in the future. You can pick this app up for under $3.


This is one app that no small business owner should go without! Professionals and business owners who are on the run all the time love this app, and for good reasons.

Evernote lets you capture pretty much everything you do away from the office, from creating written notes to recording voice memos to capturing important images. You can do all of this in an instant from one app, making it one of the most popular apps used in the business world. Even better, this app is 100% free.

JotNot Scanner

One complaint business owners often face when meeting with clients is getting them copies of documents signed on the spot. If a meeting is held at a restaurant or a local coffee shop, it can be impossible to get documents copied on the spot.


That is where JotNot Scanner can come in handy. After a contract is executed, simply scan the document with the phone’s scanner and the app will create a PDF file of that document. Then, the business owner can email it to the client on the spot, insuring that they have their copy immediately.

There are plenty of other uses for this app while you are on the go, such as scanning receipts on the spot before they get lost. The cost is just 99 cents, which means can’t go wrong with this fast business tool.


Finally, we have another great time management tool for all business owners. 2Do is an app that has a checklist feature, which can be used to keep track of current projects, appointments and other general tasks that need to be completed during the day. The app has many features in it, including multiple alerts for each task, a calendar and a drag and drop function.

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