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65+ Social Bookmarking Sites For Better SEO

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Have you ever sent an email to a friend, family member or colleague with a link to a website you thought they might find useful or interesting? If you’ve ever done so, then you’ve participated in what is called social bookmarking. Social Bookmarking is a process for Internet users to share, organise and manage bookmarks of the web resources. It involves tagging a website and saving it for later use. Instead of saving them to your web browser, you are saving them to the web. And, because your bookmarks are online, you can easily share them with friends. Bookmarking on the other hand involves saving your websites on your computer for a later use. So many social bookmarking services available today provide web feeds for their lists of bookmarks, these include lists organised by tags which allows subscribers to become aware of new bookmarks as they are saved, shared, and tagged by other users. In this article, we will be looking at the some of the highly rated, high quality Social Bookmarking websites for your SEO

Social Bookmarking Abstract

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65+ High Quality Social Bookmarking Sites For Better SEO

Social Bookmarking – This provides a a free service which enables you to submit and save your favorite articles, news, website, links. A simple way to save and share the best information, this enables you to export to several formats, see popular & recent bookmarks, ability to shorten URLs. – This enables you to Share and search favorites/bookmarks with others, A;; enables you to create an organized page for your bookmarks that you can share with friends, colleagues and family, you can be able to access it from any computer.

Recommended Reading100 Best Happy Anniversary Messages and Wishes – BibSonomy is a system for sharing bookmarks and lists of literature, it is a social bookmarking and publication-sharing system that enables you to set up public & private bookmarks, tag cloud, related tags, duplicate detection with the chance to merge their information. – This social bookmarking website helps you manage your Web bookmarks and favorites in a private web-based account. With this, you can access, share, and store your bookmarks as well as create dynamic folders, use this to bookmark all links of a page plus all the usual features. – Use BlogMarks to save your bookmarks, tag them with keywords for easy searching amongst your list. – Tabbed user page showing a network of friends, bookmarks, and related tags. Allows you to import contacts from all the major mail services such as GMail and Yahoo. – Use this site to bookmark a site, add tags, when you look up a tag, you get the names and a little thumbnail image of the site along with it. – This is the Online Bookmark Manager. The Web’s best online personal, group and social bookmarks manager, use BuddyMarks to store your bookmarks online, share some or all of them, discover new sites to visit by searching the public bookmark area.

See Also: 120 Inspirational Get Well Soon Quotes – This lets you share text, images, and videos. Browse random “chipmarks”, share them, sort, filter, and get personal recommendations with this website.

Complore – 10MB of file storage, public & private sharing, tag cloud, popular feeds and more is what you’ll get with this social bookmarking website. – This is a cool social bookmarking site for enterprise-scale businesses.

Connectedy – Web site where you can upload your bookmarked/favorite links from your browser into a free account, use this to import your bookmarks, batch edit them, check in on hot topics. – This is another themed social bookmarking site specifically targeted to researchers, clinicians and scientists. – Diigo is a social bookmarking website which allows signed-up users to bookmark and tag web-pages, use tis site to highlight portions of a page, write on it like you would a piece of paper, share with your group, and search all publicly saved pages. – Organize your bookmarks by tags, add comments and notes, share publicly, subscribe to certain tags so you can be notified when a new site is added that may interest you. – All the usual social bookmarking goodies, but you can also add links via email. – Export your folders to HTML, import and remove duplicates, delete all bookmarks. – Donate your bookmarks to this site to help them recommend sites and get a better understanding of how each person bookmarks. – Import/export, categories, notes, sharing, block users, RSS, tags. – Folders, search folder names and more. – Ratings, notes, categories, smart categories and in-page editing. – Links open in new window, subscribe to tags, browse by archives. – Discuss all the saved bookmarks in groups, see what the Featured Linker is all about, join discussions in the Hot Group. – Bookmark and tag, search for tags that interest you, make buddies with people who have interesting saved sites. – Save your bookmarks in folders, tag them with keywords, share them with others or password protect them. – Folders, tags, clippings; store up to 100MB for free. – Share your already existing bookmarks, discuss and rate sites and see what you can find. – Shares, organises, searches and manages resources easily. User and global tag cloud, blogs, social networking, avatars and more. – Lets you “channel surf” the Internet and review sites; it learns what you like and recommends more of the same. – A basic social bookmarking site, but with the ability to look back at specific days and see what was going on. – You can vote on links as well as add thumbnails for sites. – Tags, rating, search, public & private listing, drag-and-drop sorting.

Yahoo! My Web – One button click adds your bookmarks to the search engine giants system, features duplicate detection to help you keep your bookmarks tidy.

More Social BookMarking Sites

Twitter : This is a free social networking and micro-blogging service that enables its users to send and read messages known as tweets

Technorati : Technorati is an Internet search engine for searching blogs.

Yahoo Buzz : Yahoo! Buzz is a community-based news article website, much

Mixx : Mixx is a user-driven social media web site that serves to help users submit or find content by peers based on interest and location.

Tweetmeme : TweetMeme finds the hottest stories from twitter for you to retweet

Chipmarks : This lets you share text, images, and videos

Propeller : A propeller is a type of fan which transmits power by converting rotational motion into thrust.

Jigg : Music, videos, photos, downloads, event dates from Bigg Jigg and Artist biography, plus buy merchandise, read news, and more.

Slashdot : The Slashdot effect, also known as slashdotting, occurs when a popular website links to a smaller site, causing a massive increase in traffic.

Twine: Twine is an online, social web service for information storage, authoring and discovery

Kaboodle : Kaboodle is a fun shopping community where people recommend and discover new things

Linkarena : social networking and sharing links.

Murl : Murl is an online bookmark manager.

MyBookmarks : MyBookmarks – access your bookmarks anytime, anywhere. Free productivity tool for business, student or personal use.

Memotoo : Centralize and share your personal datas (bookmarks, address book, calendar, files, more) with to find them from any computer connected to Internet

Social News – Similar to Digg, but for blog posts. – Synonymous with social bookmarking: you Digg a story, others Digg it, the more popular it gets the better chance it has of hitting the first page. – A former contender in the browser wars, and the “mother” of Mozilla, it’s now a a social news aggregator with voting of stories similar to Digg. – Users can write articles on current news events, save links to external content; vote, comment and chat on article pages created by both users and by journalists. – You vote up or down on a story making it move around on the home page. – Similar to Digg, except instead of “Digging a story”, you “shout it”. Still a way to vote on unique Internet news stories. – Add news stories you find interesting, anyone can “improve” the article by fixing the URL, editing the summary and more.

More Social Bookmarking Sites (The Ones with Clipping) – Save sites for later reading, share your list or keep it private, even send your saved pages to your blog for wider sharing. – Like an online scrapbook, you clip out the part of the site you want, then share it with whomever you want, and discover new places to visit. – Allows you to clip just the chosen bits of a webpage, save them to the main website, or even insert them into your own blog. Think of it as fancy block quoting. – You add your bookmarks and access them from anywhere. Check out what others are saving and see where it takes you. – Not only can you do the standard bookmarking and sharing, you can save archived versions of a webpage and even export all your saved pages to a ZIP file. – Keep private, share, mark as friends only, edit bookmark dates. – Can cluster your tags for you based on recommendations by other users. – This social bookmarker does all the usual plus detects links that have changed, and distributes your bookmarks via your blog’s RSS if you like. – You can upload your existing bookmarks to get started, add more for centralized access, check out hot lists and recommendations. – All the usual features plus the ability to add your own Google Ads to the top of your profile page. – Inbox, group creation, directory, all of the usual features, plus being able to send your RSS feed to the site.

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