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Top 3 Safest Browsers in the World Right Now

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One of the most challenging decisions that internet users have to make is choosing the safest web or internet browser to use. The browser is the link between your computer or device and the internet. It will determine how safe your private information is, how easy it is for a worm, Trojan, or virus to affect your system. There are quite a number of browsers readily available in the market. These include Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera, Microsoft Internet Explorer, Apple Safari and more. Each claims to be the best when it comes to ensuring safe browsing. The following are the top 3 safest browsers:

Top 3 Safest Browsers in the World Right Now

Top 3 Safest Browsers

1. Mozilla Firefox

mozilla firefox

Mozilla Firefox has been around for quite a while. It remains one of the most popular browsers in the market. Over the years, the company has been releasing better and more improved versions. The current version stands out as the best browser in regards to security. It is the best browser when it comes to managing revocation of SSL certificate. It is a light-weight system which contains only the relevant applications. This is in contrast with its rivals that include lots of information and applications that are rarely used by users. For instance, you don’t have to use Adobe Flash player if you don’t need it.

Few features and applications mean fewer codes. This makes Firefox more effective and less prone to vulnerabilities. The source code used by Firefox is also available to users. They can therefore look into its operations. Allowing users to view the programming means the browser does not hide any information thereby making Mozilla Firefox also the best browser in terms of privacy. The browser is quite simple, easy to use and also has good page rendering capability.

2. Google Chrome


Google Chrome which is a development by Google scores fairly well when it comes to safe browsing. The latest version comes with more improvement as well as added security features. The browser also has a good record in regard to detecting security vulnerabilities. In fact, the browser is rarely affected by vulnerabilities. Another good aspect that makes Google Chrome rank among the top 3 safest browsers is its ability to handle SSL revocation very well. Considering that it is developed by the largest search engine company, users are more guaranteed of a system that is in line with their browsing needs.

Nonetheless, the browser is not completely open sourced. This means that developers and users cannot look into the browser and see how it functions. Of late, Google has come under attack for releasing private information of individuals. Users feel that since the company has information about them, they are not so sure about Google Chrome’s ability to keep all information private and confidential. Users give away lots of information when browsing. A browser can easily get all the necessary information about you.

 3. Microsoft Internet Explorer 10


Internet Explorer (IE) 10 has beaten Opera to the third spot by a very small margin. Previous versions of IE had a rather poor reputation when it came to safety and privacy. The versions failed to track vulnerabilities on time and the company took time to introduce patches for the vulnerabilities. This was experienced when using IE 6 and 7. However, IE 10 has greatly improved. In fact, it actually has among the best security features, and also the highest rate of detection for malware.

Due to the earlier versions being targeted by NSA spies, the company is always among the first to release patches to any security exposure. Nonetheless, the system still allows fake EV certifications to pass through. Completely disabling a plug-in is also hard. Its not open sourced hence users cannot view the programming to help improve privacy.

When coming up with the list of the safest internet browsers, several aspects were considered. These include; Detection rate of malicious software (malware), ease of disabling plug-ins, open or closed sourcing, privacy, and also the speed at which the firm released patches to deal with security vulnerabilities. From the above comparison, Mozilla Firefox stood out as the most secure and offering the best privacy. Google Chrome came second; it has good security. However, the privacy of user’s information is always questionable. The latest Internet Explorer (IE 10) has greatly improved from its earlier IE 6 and 7. Although not featuring in the top 3 safest browsers, Opera browser is also a good option.

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