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Top 7 Best Online Video Creation and Editing Services

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With video marketing on the rise, having a few videos on your website will go a long way in driving (and retaining) traffic to your website. Other than the benefits of being able to upload your videos to various websites for easy backlinks, many studies have shown that videos are often a strong driver of consumer confidence. Lucky for you, making videos these days is much easier than it was even just a few years ago. Here’s a list of the top seven best online video creation services available!

7 Awesome Online Video Creation and Editing Softwares and Services

1) Animoto

I’ve been using Animoto for about a year now, and it is hands-down one of the best video creation services out there. While there isn’t much available in terms of customization, the templates offered produce videos that are absolutely stunning. The interface could not be any easier to navigate, it is literally drag-and-drop. Best of all, you can create videos for free up to 30 seconds in length. However if you want to produce longer videos and have access to more templates, you can upgrade to a pro account for about the price of a monthly sandwich.

Animoto - video creation and editing services and softwares

2) Stupeflix

Stupeflix is very similar to Animoto: chalk full of free themes, catchy tunes and a user interface that anyone can easily pick up. They offer four types of monthly plans, with benefits such as unbranded videos and the ability to record in HD. If you’re tight on money, Stupeflix lets its users create videos up to 60 seconds long — twice as long as Animoto — absolutely free.

Stupeflix - video creation services and softwares

3) GoAnimate

GoAnimate is unique in that it allows its users to actually create short — you guessed it — animations. While the free account only lets you use pre-drawn figures, the pro account allows you to draw your own characters, props and whatever else you can think of. Unlike Stupeflix and Animoto that are essentially glorified slideshows, GoAnimate is for the user looking to really apply their creativity.


4) Flixtime

Flixtime is another snazzy video maker that turns your boring pictures into a high-quality, fun-to-watch video. Easily add pictures, text and music to spruce up any set of photos that you’re thinking of showing off to the world. Like Stupeflix, Flixtime users can create videos for free up to 60 seconds, with the ability to create longer ones with a paid membership.


5) Ezvid

Ezvid is unique in a few ways, most prevalent being its one-click screen capture/recording ability. Ezvid is not a web-based service like the ones I’ve mentioned so far, and only works on the Windows operating system. While you do have to download the Ezvid software, it comes with much more flexibility and freedom than most web-based video creation services. It’s also completely free!


6) One True Media

One True Media is another web-based video creation service that is very similar to Animoto. Users can choose from a variety of templates, songs, and add text wherever they please. However, One True Media does not have quite as many templates available as Animoto, but does have some of the best looking templates I’ve seen to date.

One True Media

7) Kioza

Kioza makes the cut as yet another spectacular online video creation service. While not much different than Animoto, Stupeflix or Flixtime, Kioza is another service with some awesome looking templates to dazzle your visitors.


Creating videos really has never been easier than it is now in 2012. With a few simple clicks, you can have your own video up and running in less than ten minutes. Check out the services I’ve listed and see which one works best for you!

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