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This Amazing New App Lets You Read 5X Faster – Unbelievable!

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If you think you are a fast reader, you would be amazed when you try the sample text below! because this new mobile app will let you know where you stand before drastically improving the speed of your reading; be it novel, books or anything readable.

There have been different reading apps developed towards improving reading speed however, a Boston based software developer has developed an innovative app that has changed the reading game forever.

Spritz tried and tested various forms of technology that would teach people how to read faster and had been fine-tuning the programme as they tried it out on various ebooks platforms.

Reading is generally time consuming because it involves mechanically moving your eyes from one word to another and not just that but also systematically moving from line to line.

Traditional reading also takes up substantial amount of physical space on any display screen or page. This ultimately reduces reading experience and effectiveness and scrolling, pinching, and resizing the reading area doesn’t fix the problem.

According to Spritz, when reading, only about one fifth of your reading time is spent processing content and the remaining 80 per cent of the time is wasted when you are moving your eyes from one word to next and are scanning for the next Optimal Recognition Point (ORP).


Other apps have been developed that have offered similar types of rapid serial visual presentation to enhance reading speed and convenience on mobile devices in the past but non of them has received such wide recognition.

The basics of what Spritz has done differently from others is to align words much more appropriately with the eye’s natural line of motion while reading.

They proposed the idea that the “Optimal Recognition Point” (ORP) normally located slightly to the left of the centre of each word and it is at this point that the human eyes focus and allow the brain to determine a group of letters that form words.

In this case, you can then imagine that when the OPR is properly identified and is made much more visible in a word and is presented at the same point; the result is going to be super-fast reading which is what Spritz has done by marking the OPR in red letter and presenting it at the same spot to eliminate time wastage on eye movement while reading.

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Try it for yourself below:

250 words per minute

Spritz 250

350 words per minute

Spritz 350

500 words per minute

spritz 500
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