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How To Migrate Your Blog from Blogger to WordPress

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A blog that you have at Google’s Blogger service can easily be moved over to WordPress. You will first need a WordPress blog to get this done. There are three different ways that you can create a WordPress blog. A blog can be created at, you can download and install software at the site, or install WordPress automatically through the control panel of your web account using services such as softaculous or fantastico.

Determine how you want to set up your WordPress blog,. If you choose to install the software from the site, a web host will be necessary. You will also need a domain name. Search online and find a web host that is recommended by WordPress. One host that you can use is Hostgator. This host is available with a control panel that has an option to install WordPress, other recommended ones include Bluehost and Justhost.

Moving Your Blog from Blogger to WordPress – Step by Step

Step 1: Prepare your RSS feed if you want to transfer the subscribers to your blog. To do this, you will need to set up temporary blog feed by using a service such as FeedBurner.

Step 2: When this is done, log into Blogger and then navigate to the Site Feed option. Input your FeedBurner address in the Post Feed Redirect URL text box.

Step 3: Log into your new WordPress blog and go to the Permalinks option. You then need to type /%year%/%monthum%/$postname%.html into the text box.

The essence of using the above permalink structure is to make them look like blogger URL’s, it will keep your original permalinks intact, the implication is that if you for instance originally had 1,000 facebook like for a post, it will still retain that number of likes on your new site, otherwise you can simply enter /%postname%.html/,


Step 4: The next step is to transfer your posts and comments to your WordPress blog. Go to the Import option in WordPress that is under Import in the Tools drop down.


Step 5: A pop-up box will be displayed on your screen, you need to click on Install Plugin to install the importer plugin


Step 6: The next step is to activate plugin & run importer. You’ll be required to grant access to your google account. You will need to enter your log in information for Blogger to provide access to your account.Click on Import to begin the process of transferring information to WordPress.


When your posts and comments have been moved, you will need to transfer your feed. You will need to log into your FeedBurner account and change the original feed to your use your new domain name. The change will allow you to allow you to keep all of your subscribers.

Go back to your Blogger account and go to the Settings option. Click on the option for Basic and select Publishing from the menu. You will need to click the option for Custom Domain and then enter the new domain name for your blog. Click Save and the links for your old blog will transfer to WordPress.

Transferring from Blogger to WordPress will work much easier if you set up a free blog by creating the new blog at The process involved when using this option is all automatic. When an old blog has been fully transferred, you can then begin to customize your new blog. This option is easier to use and does not require any additional steps to transfer data.

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