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Top 10 iPhone Apps For Improving Your Memory

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The frenetic pace of today’s world can make it very difficult to remember everything life throws at you. Between appointments, entertainment recommendations and deadlines, it seems like there’s always something to add to your mental to-do list. Keeping those things from falling through the cracks of a fallible human memory is a challenge in itself, but thankfully there are offerings in Apple’s well-stocked App Store that rise to that challenge beautifully. These 10 apps can help you remember everything that’s important to you, cutting down on embarrassing moments or inconveniences borne of forgetfulness.

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10 iPhone Applications for Memory Improvement

Evernote – Sometimes you need an app-specific reminder, but other times a general note jotted down on the go will suffice. Rather than scrambling for a pen and a piece of easily lost scrap paper, why not turn to your iPhone and the free Evernote app instead? Winner of the New York Times “Top 10 Must-Have Apps” award, a Mashable award and a Webby, Evernote is one of the most popular and powerful productivity apps available for the iPhone.

evernote (1) - Top 10 iPhone Apps For Improving Your Memory

mTrainer Pro – A collection of games and puzzles designed to boost your memory and increase your brainpower, the $1.99 mTrainer Pro app is a great way to pass the time in waiting rooms or in long lines productively. You can play mindless games for pure entertainment, but why not challenge yourself and expand your mind while you wait? m_trainer_pro

Flickd Movies with Netflix – How many times have you seen a trailer that looked promising, read a great review or received a recommendation from a friend for a new film, only to forget the title? This $1.99 app is designed specifically to eliminate those issues by reminding you when a new movie is released and maintaining a personal database of films you’d like to see.

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flicked_movies_with_netflix - Top 10 iPhone Apps For Improving Your Memory

iCue Memory – The $2.99 iCue Memory app is the only memory training tool with an official USA Memory Championship endorsement, making it one of the more effective tools in the App Store for helping you remember all of life’s little details. When you feel that you’ve mastered the exercises, you can even compete with other players from around the world to earn a spot in the Global Memory Rankings


Alarmed ~ Reminders + Timers – If you need to set alarms for repeat events, one-time appointments or other urgent tasks, this free app might be just what you’re looking for. In addition to the pop-up reminders and timers with custom messages, Alarmed also offers the nifty Nag-Me feature for auto-repeating reminders about tasks you’ve been putting off.alarmed_reminders

10 iPhone Apps for Memory Improvement

Lumosity Brain Trainer – One of the best-selling brain-training programs out there today, Lumosity has been lauded by such respected publications as the New York Times and Scientific American. The app itself is free, but access packages are offered on a one-year, six-month or three-month timetable.

Lumosity-Brain-Trainer1 - Top 10 iPhone Apps For Improving Your Memory

TellMeLater – Some reminders need to be precisely scheduled, while others have a bit of flexibility. For tasks that don’t have definitive deadlines, the $0.99 TellMeLater app is a simple and effective means of organizing and generating reminders. Alerts are sent to your iPhone, but email notifications and Twitter direct messages are also sent out to ensure that you never miss a reminder.   tell_me_later

Timeless Reminders – In addition to the tasks, to-do lists and appointments that must be remembered, life also comes with pressing issues that can be scheduled down to the second. Things like eating right, nurturing personal relationships, showing others how much you care, taking the time to laugh and making a concerted effort to reach your goals can’t be gracefully plotted on a planner, but they’re no less important than time-sensitive tasks. With this free app, you can remind yourself to take the necessary steps towards a happy, fulfilling future. timeless

Remember Me – If you want to memorize Bible verses, your favorite literary quotations or even a speech you’ve written yourself, this $2.99 app is the way to go. With flash cards, word puzzles and line-by-line practice features that will help you nail down those long monologues, Remember Me is a must-have for any public speaker.


Recall – Reminders for Recommendations – Recall does for books, music, television shows and other media what Flickd does for movies: reminds you to keep up with the recommendations you’ve received and things that you’re curious about. Set release-date reminders for upcoming events and maintain a list of things you’d like to check out for future reference. recall_reminders

Using your iPhone and these powerful apps to keep track of everything you have to remember is easy, but only if you actually utilize the apps! To make sure that you’re getting the most out of your reminder and brain-boosting apps, make a habit of instantly entering a new appointment the moment it’s made and working with brain-training exercises whenever you have a free moment. Once that habit is established, you’ll be well on your way to eliminating forgetfulness.

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