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Top 10 Internet Service Providers in South Africa

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The internet speed, bandwidth, customer support, billing, tariff and plans are all major factors that are considered when picking the top internet service providers. All Internet Service providers in South Africa aim at satisfying customer needs to the best of their understanding of the markets. However, according to a survey conducted by Mybroadband in 2013, it showed that more than two hundred internet service providers were active in South Africa. And, amongst these top ten of them were chosen. The list of top ten companies which provided Asymmetrical Digital Subscriber Line(ADSL) broadband connection in South Africa are listed below:

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Top 10 Internet Service Providers in South Africa

 1. Afrihost:

The Company which started in the year 2000 has entered the broadband market as recently as 2009 but are occupying the top slot currently. Apart from topping various such surveys, Afrihost also won the Internet Service Provider of the year award during 2011- 2012. Known for their uninterrupted internet lines and amazing customer support, Afrihost won this award continuously for two consecutive years. After much debate over the pricing, the founders and the top level management of Afrihost decided to charge a nominal fee for every Gigabyte of data that is transferred as an aggressive market capturing tactic. And, this move put the company right on top with much positive response from the public.

Afrihost - internet service providers in south africa

2. Axxess:

With a small but young team of about sixty three employees who in their own words are ‘weird and wonderful’, Axxess ranks second amongst the two hundred Internet Service providers in South Africa. Axxess is known for its brilliant price slabs and great internet connection. However, according to the survey its customers are most satisfied by their customer support. According to the company’s head honcho, the company aims at making internet available to all sections of South African consumers.


3. First National Bank Connect:

This is a subsidiary of the First National Bank Ltd which is one of the largest banking facilities of South Africa. They are very popular amongst over 50,000 consumers for their excellent bandwidth. They were in fact the first company to develop the VOIP application for iPhone in South Africa.

First National Bank Connect


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4. Web Africa:

Having topped the charts for the most reliable internet service providers in South Africa for the year 2011, they are still ruling the market with their consumer friendly strategies. They measure the customer satisfaction using their own NetPromoter which helps them know their market standing on a monthly basis. The customers of Web Africa say that their billing service is usually hassle free and quiet convenient.

Web Africa

5. Openweb:

With its recent release of uncapped ADSL broadband services which is placed at very cheap prices, Openweb’s popularity seems to be hitting the roof. Apart from internet provision, Open web extends its services to web hosting, VOIP and WiFi. By placing internet plans within the reach of the common man, they have made broadband very affordable in South Africa. According to market research, their wide variety of internet package has put them amongst the top internet service providers in South Africa

Open Web

6. Internet Solutions:

With twenty years of experience in the field of communication under its belt, one is not really surprised to find that Internet Solutions has earned a spot on this list. Known for providing internet service to almost eighty percent of the companies that are listed in the Stock Exchange of Johannesburg. Being a multi-national company, its services are availed by people in Kenya, Mozambique amongst other nations. However, its latest milestone is that it provided an uncapped 1 Gb internet connection to the recently held gaming festival called rAge. Founded by Ronnie Apteker in 1993, Internet Solutions was the first Internet Service Provider in all of South Africa.

Internet Solution

7. Vox Telecom:

Vox Telecom’s story is quintessential corporate success story. It started out as an IT solutions company and ventured into the Internet market in the year 1997 emerging as one of the long lasting and reliable ISP company in all of South Africa. With office located across the country, their accessibility is much greater than many of their contemporaries and hence the confidence of the customers is notches higher than many other companies.

Vox Telecom

8. MWEB:

With over 350000 subscribers, MWEB dominates the South African Internet market. Its presence in the scene for over 17 years has made it a household name in the nation. Its two divisions MWEB connect and MWEB business target different kinds of broadband requirements. It has been voted as the most popular Internet service provider for gaming time and again.


9. Cybersmart:

Cybersmart has come out with cheapest ADSL rates for its subscribers. Along with reliable and top speed services as high as 4Mbps; Cybersmart has found its client base amongst students and small business owners. Its increasing popularity has been keeping the rest of its contemporaries and older companies on their toes in terms of innovation.


10. Telekom Internet:

The German telecommunication giant has taken the South African by storm ever since its entry into the country. With high speed internet services and excellent customer service, Telekom has become immensely popular over the years. The company brings its vast experience and German technical expertise to the African Nation and has held its own amongst the local competitors.

Telekom Internet

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