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How to Watch Internet Videos on TV

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The web is flooded with various interesting websites that allow anyone to effortlessly download video streams, watch movie series, or even live concerts online. Even so, it is still incomparable to watch them with a wide-screen television. The good news is here. With today’s innovative technology, it is possible to enjoy unlimited internet privileges through Internet TV, you can watch unlimited supply of videos ranging from television shows, podcasts, music, full-length movies, news and even live concerts.

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Choose from the modern gadgets and bring your favourite Internet features to your living room. The most popular consumer choice is the Apple TV. Its specification includes high definition multimedia interface (HMDI) which allows for the transfer of digital data to a compatible audio digital device such as projectors and digital television. Apple supports internet features and in-channel search from Netflix, iTunes, and YouTube. The average cost of Apple unit is around $99.

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How to Watch Internet Videos on TV

Roku: For a cheaper option, the Roku player is available for 50 bucks. Supported internet features include: Hulu Plus, Netflix, Amazon, and YouTube. Like Apple, it also operates with an HMDI output connection but not packed with a HMDI cable. You can buy this for $10 or less from online stores. If you have already bought a high-end TV but it does not include HMDI support in its product description, then a Roku player is the best choice. It is the only media player with a component output which permits the access of digital data from computers for devices without an HMDI feature.

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Google TV

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Consumers who are particular about media resolution often prefer Boxee Box or Google TV. Both offer better image resolution. Users can save on the extra cost of purchasing HMDI cables because specifications for both devices are included. However, configurations differ among machines. Unlike Apple or Roku which uses an on-screen keyboard, Boxee Box comes with a QWERTY style remote control to let you search with ease. Google Box has more to give. Aside from this feature, it also allows search for on-air TV shows or broadcasts. While Boxee Box supports YouTube, Google supports other features like Netflix and Amazon.

The above-mentioned media gadgets have wireless and Ethernet ports for internet connection but if you get a Vudu box; you need to buy wireless kit to use the Wi-Fi feature. Vudu allows you to connect with streaming video sites and YouTube.

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Hulu Plus has the most important US TV networks: the ABC, NBC, etc. Netflix offers full-length movies and online television access.


You can enjoy unlimited streaming with Netflix facilities at only $8 per month. Meanwhile, Amazon offers pay-per-view services for an array of television shows such as live sporting events and new movies recently out in different cinemas.

iTunes sells videos, music, and even offers pay-per-view options. If you are looking for more selection and themes of video clips, find them from YouTube.





Purchasing the right unit is the key to successfully combine the Internet with your favorite TV. Always ask for the TV specifications before opting to buy one. LCD and plasma televisions often come with VGA input and HMDI support features. In fact, you can still connect your TV to the Internet without spending or subscribing to anything. All your TV unit really needs is a particular adapter or wireless media extender.

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