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How to Upgrade your Computer to Windows 8

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You can easily install Windows 8 on any PC that is compatible with the new program. This can include a computer that is running Windows XP and Windows 7. The good thing about Windows 8 is that you do not need to install antivirus program separately as Windows Defender is included in the new operating system. To begin you will need to insert the installation disc into your CD-DVD drive and perform a reboot of the machine.

How to Upgrade your Computer to Windows 8

What You Need To Know

First of all, you need to realise that there are four different versions of the new Windows operating system: Windows 8, Windows 8 Pro, and Windows RT and Windows 8 Enterprise, and according to Microsoft, the basic consumer version of Windows 8 will not be available as a standalone purchase until February 2, 2013. Unless you are buying a new computer with Windows 8 Pre-installed, your only option at the moment is Windows 8 Pro.

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Unlike the previous version of Windows, Microsoft has made this not only cheap to upgrade to Windows 8 but also easy as well. (Credit: Screenshot by Chuka Udeze/ Originally posted at TTA)

Requirements: for Upgrading your Computer to Windows 8

  1. You’ll need an internet connection for downloading the windows 8 installer, the file size is approximately 2.05GB, you can also order the DVD and have it delivered to you for additional fee but that’s not really necessary
  2. You’ll need a windows based computer running either Windows XP or Windows 7
  3. You’ll also need Paypal or credit card for payment, the cost of this software is $39.99 for the pro edition

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How Can You Upgrade Your Old Windows OS To Windows 8?

First head over to Microsoft website, download and run the Upgrade Assistant software program. What this does is that it performs a few checks on your system to determine if your computer meets the required specifications, it can basically give you a list of software or hardware programs that are not compatible with the new OS

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Courtesy of Microsoft Sweden

Windows 8 installer will walk you through a step by step processs, the ordering process takes place in the installer as well. It will require you to make a payment via Paypal or credit card, once payment has been completed, it will start downloading the 2.05 GB installer. It will also give you the option of either installing immediately, installing later or creating a USB key or disc to run the installer and that’s it, it’s a very fast process.

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