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How to Fix your Slow Internet Connection

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If your internet connection is slower than you would like it to be, some of these tips and tricks may help you speed it up to a more satisfying point. There are many things that can slow down an internet connection and we will troubleshoot some of the most common problems that cause a slow connection below.

Your Computer Is Bogged Down

Often times the problem isn’t the internet connection itself but the computer its running on. A computer that is running under optimum performance because of viruses, too many programs running, or limited virtual memory or hard drive space will make an internet connection seem slow because web pages don’t appear to load quickly. The problem in this case is the slow computer making everything run slower your internet connection included, if this is the case you might want to start by checking up your internet speed.

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Check Your Internet Connection Speed

One way to check your internet connection is by hovering your mouse pointer over the internet connection icon in the bottom right hand corner of your laptop or desktop. You can click on the icon, a pop up window will display your internet connection, the next thing to do will be to click the icon to launch the Properties window.


You can equally test your internet speed at


Utility Programs such as TuneUp can also help boost your internet speed

Although your computer can actually handle a number of processes at once but shutting down any unnecessary programs, clearing out your temporary internet files and cookies, and running a good anti virus software to clear out any malicious programs. In some cases a computer may ever need a full reformatting. Once you have your computer working at full speed again there is a good chance your connection will enjoy a significant boost as well.

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If your computer is slow or not connecting at all, one of the first things you might want to do is:


You might want to unplug your router and modem internet cables for about 5 to 6 minutes. This approach can sometimes help improve your internet connection problems, you might also want to check your modem or router hardware to make sure that everything is ok, use of bad cables can significantly reduce your connection speed

Reduce Your Web Cache

You may have to consider reducing your web cache to speed up your slow internet connection, this will involve a little bit of tweaking in your internet options. To do this, follow the instructions below:

Click Start >> Click Control Panel >> Double Click Internet Options >> Click Settings under Browsing History


The idea here is to reduce your web cache and make it as small as possible. The lesser your temporary files, the lesser the data that your computer needs to search through.

What are Other things that causes Your internet Connection To Slow and What Can You Do About Them?

Someone is Leaching Off of Your Connection

If you are using a wireless internet connection and your speed isn’t what it should be then you may have someone pirating your bandwidth. If you have no security or weak security there is a very good chance this is happening even if you haven’t noticed a drop in your connection speed.

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To see if this is the problem or stop it from happening you need to make some changes to your security settings for your wireless network. If you don’t have a password add one, and if you do have a password change it to something new. If you only have a WEP encryption you may want to update it to something stronger like WPA. Once you change your password any unauthorized users should be locked out at least temporarily and you should see an increase in internet speed immediately.

You Are Not Paying For Enough Bandwidth 

Sometimes people just don’t understand what different bandwidth speeds offer. If your computer is clear of viruses and running at full speed and you have no unwanted leachers on your wireless network but your connection is still to slow for your liking, then you may just need to pay for a higher bandwidth limit from your provider.

Most providers offer different tiers of bandwidth levels. If you crave for a faster connection contact your provider and have your contract upgraded to a faster connection for a larger monthly fee. If this is the problem with your connection, there really isn’t anything you can do other than accept the fact that you have to pay more for a faster internet connection.

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