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How to Deliver an Insanely Great Presentation Like Steve Jobs

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Presentations have come quite a long way with the inception of presentation software such as Microsoft’s PowerPoint and Macintosh’s Keynote. As technology continues to move forward, presentation software and programs move forward as well. The variable in a good presentation is the presenter. Businessweek columnist Carmine Gallo recently wrote a book called – The Presentation Secrets of Steve Jobs : How to be Insanely Great in Front of Any Audience, which we found very interesting, you can find out more from that book after watching the video below.

Here are some tips for giving a quality, first rate presentation like Steve Jobs

Outline your presentation first. Determine what you want to say and approximately how long you will be speaking. Most audiences will drift away and lose focus after about 20 minutes. Know this, and time your presentation appropriately.

Once you have your outline, go back and add your information. A presentation should not be filled with everything you are wanting to say. Provide your audience with key points using bullets, numbers, symbols or letters. A presentation is a guide for your speech. You are to be the focus of the audience attention — not the presentation.

Rehearse your presentation and fix any problems you may encounter. Computer software can have bugs and glitches. Catch them before you present so you will not embarrass yourself or your company. There is no excuse for not preparing as much as reasonably possible. This is the best time to work on your delivery as well. You should speak more slowly, clearly and a bit more loudly than you normally do as this will establish an authoritative tone with your audience.

The last few things you should do deal less with the presentation and more with the delivery of the presentation itself. These are the things people always do but should not do. If you are serious about your presentation and being taken as a serious presenter, these things will maintain that authority and make your audience appreciate you more.


The biggest, most obnoxious and annoying thing you can do in a presentation is read the information to your audience. This completely devalues your presentation. Reading to your audience will loose their attention immediately, whereas focusing on your audience and keeping eye contact with them will hold their interest much longer. Surely you have sat through presentations where the information was read to you and you recall how childish and unimportant you felt. Avoid reading to your audience at all costs. This is why you have previously rehearsed and practiced your presentation.

Funny sounds, cute pictures, silly slide backgrounds and entrances that shoot letters and words are not appropriate for a professional presentation. The computer you design your presentation on may be much faster than the one you will use for the actual presentation. Each one of those neat animations take precious memory and slow down presentations so do not use them. Keep your presentation basic, neat and professional, and stay away from ridiculous animations.

There you have it. A complete and thorough way to deliver a fantastic presentation. Best of luck to you on your upcoming presentation.

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