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How to Attract More Comments for Your Blog Post

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There are some very cool ways to attract more comments for your blog. It takes some time to bring things into focus when you first start a blog. It doesn’t always attract the type of attention that you want it to have. It ordinarily takes a little bit of strategy to get people to pay attention to what you have to say. This often involves making your blogs appear interesting, creating the kind of content that is engaging, captivating and appealing

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 How to Attract More Comments for Your Blog Post

Sometimes people start blogs and they make a lot of statements. Many of them may be mundane day-to-day living type of statements. The reality is that most people, even if they read this, will not bother to comment on it. That is why bloggers have to spice things up. They have to be interesting enough to intrigue the reader. Sometimes this takes a bold statement to draw some interaction from your readers. Another way to attract more comments is to have some great information that just can’t be found elsewhere. People are going to come back to the site and time and time again if the information is good. Some people really appreciate a blog that has accurate information that is hard to come by. People that discover this in your blog will at least take the time to say thank you if nothing else.

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Sometimes a blog is something that stirs people up. The statements that are made are not always things that people agree with. These are usually the blogs that get lots of comments. A political blog, for example, will always stimulate conversation because there will always be opposing points of view. It doesn’t matter what you stand is on any law or governing act. If you blog about it someone will decide to disagree with you. This actually makes lot of people very verbal.


Even with all these things in tact, it is still very important to have some current information on your blog. People are not going to comment on the same on posts over and over again. This is what lots of people fail to realise about blogging. So many people start up a blog and abandon it. They may check on it from time to time, but they stop blogging altogether. This makes it close to impossible to have a decent blog. People that make comments are usually interested in current events. It’s going to be hard to get people to even read blogs with outdated information. They definitely aren’t going to comment on these blog posts.

People make comments on blogs when they have something to say. This is the bottom line. This means that your job, as a blogger, is to give readers something to say. Give them a reason to comment on what you are bringing forth. Let the people that find your blog take an interest because you are saying interesting things. Don’t just assume that anything you post is golden. Make sure that your blog has spice that attracts readers and intrigues them to respond with comments.

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