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10 Hot Up and Coming SEO Blogs

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SEO is an ever-changing landscape. That’s why it’s imperative to stay on top of the latest trends in the industry. Magazines and books are a bit too slow for this line of work – to keep your finger on the pulse of search marketing you must follow SEO blogs religiously.

Any SEO worth his salt knows all the greats: SEOmoz, Search Engine Land, forums such as Webmaster World and Digital Point, and (of course) Google’s official Webmaster community beat. But what about the lesser known blogs? The ones run by people who know what’s happening and – more importantly – what’s working right now in the world of search?


This post is dedicated to the up-and-comers. We’ve complied the ultimate list of SEO blogs and resources that show the greatest promise, potential, and most of all – innovation – in search engine marketing.

10 Hot Up and Coming SEO Blogs

SEO Skeptic

Aaron Bradley runs SEO Skeptic, and he’s a crackerjack Internet marketer who specializes in enterprise-level organic SEO. His blog proclaims to offer up “fact, fiction, and opinion in the world of search engine optimization” and it does not disappoint. The witty posts examine all the SEO topics de jour – Twitter marketing, keyword research, you name it – but they also provide a fresh new twist that keeps readers coming back for more.

Follow SEO Skeptic – @aaranged

Bryson Meunier

Bryson Meunier’s blog is dedicated to natural search and mobile SEO. The world is rapidly going mobile, and his blog helps SEO buffs keep up with the latest buzz in mobile marketing as it happens.

This guy is one of the first to understand and interpret the ways in which mobility alters search engine optimization, and he’s quickly achieved cult status as a recognized expert in mobile SEO. He’s been a speaker at big-name SEO conferences like SMX Advanced and SMX Local & Mobile – suffice it to say the blog has the info you need to break into mobile SEO with confidence.

Follow Bryson Meunier – @brysonmeunier

PortalFront Hosting

PortalFront Hosting is a killer hosted SharePoint provider. The company offers webmasters a seamless cloud presence, and the PortalFront blog gives users a SharePoint blueprint and some great ideas for prepping a website in anticipation of a launch. The blog is a must-read for SEOs who are serious about their sites.

Follow PortalFront – @HostSharePoint

Commerce Kitchen

This is a blog for ecommerce SEO info, and it definitely has a distinctive spin. The blog takes a unique, tongue-in-cheek approach to SEO, and the killer tips are coupled with tight, highly entertaining writing. If you prefer a side of entertainment with your SEO, you definitely need to stop by the Commerce Kitchen. They serve up hilarious (and insanely useful) search marketing advice piping hot all night long.

Follow Commerce Kitchen – @CommerceKitchen

Blind Five Year Old

A.J. Kohn’s underground SEO blog fuses his deep knowledge of search marketing with his vigor for product strategy and development. He’s all about UX and stats, but he’s got a creative wild hair, too.

His blog is a witty, fast-paced read and his rough-around-the-edges images fuse with his ridiculous understanding of the industry to create pure poetry. The detail he provides about how to accomplish SEO tasks is unparalleled, and I’m honestly sure that his blog will be a top one in the SEO world in coming years.

Follow Blind Five Year Old – @ajkohn

Shooting at Bubbles

Even the biggest SEO newbies are aware that social media has become an integral part of search marketing. The algorithm has adjusted to give more weight to social signals, although no one knows exactly how heavy it’s become. Shooting at Bubbles pokes fun at social media marketing, but it provides some awesome tips and tricks along the way.

Follow Shooting at Bubbles – @stevenhodson


Site Reference has been around for ages, and the blog has volumes of information about ranking in the search engines and increasing traffic. The focus of this blog is great content creation as the core of any successful SEO strategy, which is evidenced by the superb, in-depth writing and community involvement on the site.

Mike Fruchter

By day, Mike Fruchter works as the Director of Digital Strategy at Pierson Grant Public Relations. By night, he blogs about social media and SEO. His professional experience enables him to approach SEO from a PR standpoint, and this is a very good thing given the move toward branding and social as the most valuable ranking signals. His posts tackle topics such as sharing versus self-promotion, how to market on the social web, and unorthodox tips for ranking in the search engines.

Follow Mike Fruchter – @fruchter

Dragon Search

The Dragon Search online marketing blog is a PPC marketer’s dream. The blog has countless posts that tackle tough topics such as maximizing your AdWords ROI, branding issues, and social media woes. The blog boasts a whole team of writers, and each one brings a unique SEO specialty to the table. This produces a well-rounded batch of stellar articles with tips you can implement with confidence.

Dragon Search on Facebook – DragonSearch

SEO Sudo

SEO Sudo is a blog for the corresponding SEO agency. The blog houses great info about all the technical goodies that make SEO experts geek out – keyword talk, anchor text chat, dishing about titles and descriptions, and much more. The blog is a great place to visit when you want to get down to the nitty gritty with your search marketing plan.

Whle SEO is an ever changing game it is always best to keep a close eye on the up and comers.  Watching and learning from creative minds is a part of the SEO and marketing biz, and we should all look forward to the gems that these guys will have for us in the future.

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