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50 Highly Recommended Business Apps (Part III)

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Cloud-based, on-premise, and mobile business apps are in demand. Every business owner is latching on to such apps because of their convenience, accessibility and affordability. This is the final chapter of our Top 50 Most Useful Essential Business Apps series. In this article, you’ll find some of the highly recommended business apps for 2014, we’ve also expanded it a little bit to include some very useful tools that could be of great value to your business, we hope you’ll find it informative and useful.

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Here are some of the most productive business apps that are sought after by most small business owners:

Highly Recommended Business Apps For 2014


True to its name, UserLock locks down a network that runs on Windows. It allows network administrators to ward off threats and stop corruption or misuse of data, and also maintain compliance records, it limits concurrent logins, restricts access, monitors, alerts and reports on session activity throughout the corporate Windows network, has been picked by PC Mag to be part of their “25 excellent business applications for small-to-mid-sized businesses to consider in 2012”. Once the network is locked, users cannot access selected machines. UserLock allows administrators to remotely control sessions and it also provides reports on user activity. It costs just $10.71 per session, but can be of invaluable use to organizations that have to comply with strict legal requirements, for example, healthcare and legal companies.


Max Email

A very affordable fax to email service that works great for business owners who want to give up on their bulky and inconvenient fax machines and expensive phone lines and switch to a sleeker, affordable, modern and online tool. MaxEmail Internet fax delivers fax and voice messages as PDF and WAV files respectively. Multiple user accounts can be purchased at very affordable rates and the company offers special rates for corporations.

“MaxEmail Internet fax service provides small businesses a solution to all their faxing needs. Companies can realize significant cost savings by outsourcing their fax service, eliminating costly in-house fax servers, multiple phone lines, as well as a management team to maintain them.”


Handy Backup Small Server

The Handy Backup Small Server app, which is priced at $199 per license, helps business owners backup important applications such as MySQL, Microsoft Exchange, Lotus, Oracle, and more. Business owners can even backup files and folders. The backup can be taken on any local or network-based media or FTP- transferred to a remote location. A small business can fail if its data crashes and this app guards against that possibility.

Office 365

Office 365 is a cloud-based service that bundles 4 critical Microsoft Office applications – Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Access. The service starts at a niggardly $6 per month and the upgrades are affordable too. The service also includes Exchange, SharePoint and Lync (for video conferencing and enterprise socialnetworking). The interface is easy and intuitive and this app from Microsoft is worth the money.


Abukai is a mobile app that helps you create expense reports on the go. The app works on all the major mobile OS’s and is available for $39/year. Abukai allows busy executives on the move to file expense reports in 3 easy and intuitive steps. All the executive has to do is take a picture of the receipt with his smartphone and submit it and then get a well-made expense report.


With Primadesk, you can search, manage and backup your personal cloud data with one simple interface no matter what device you use, turn cloud chaos into control, Primadesk helps keep your cloud content organized. This app is compatible with SugarSync, Access Box, Dropbox, Facebook, Googlr+, Flickr and 27 other major online services. The beta release is also free.



DNSViz is an application tool for visualising the status of a DNS zone. It was designed as a resource for understanding and troubleshooting deployment of the DNS Security Extensions (DNSSEC). It provides a visual analysis of the DNSSEC authentication chain for a domain name and its resolution path in the DNS namespace, and it lists configuration errors detected by the tool.


Office Time

OfficeTime is time tracking software for the PC, Mac and mobile devices. It allows SMBs and freelance workers to keep track of billable time. With Office tie, you can “easily pause, resume and track multiple projects simultaneously. Track the kinds of work you do and for whom. Keep expenses and detailed notes”


Best Vendor

BestVendor helps you find the best business apps to get things done, it allows business users to see the preferred applications and technology tools of their peers and other businesses and enables them make a decision easily. Think of it as the yellowpages or Yelp for business technology.


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