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Google Trader: Free Classifieds From Google

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Businesses, private entities, institutions and sole proprietors are tirelessly looking for ways to advertise their products or information worldwide. Google Trader Free Classifieds and Advertising Solution from Google, the search engine giant gives you the best opportunity to advertise your products online. Online marketing have become efficient method of advertising over many years. Google trader allows you to connect your products to many customers that you’ve never seen before. Here are some of the tips on how to Maximize your profitability with Google trader.

Google trader is one of the classified sites sponsored by Google in Kenya, Google in Uganda, Ghana and Nigeria, all in African region, just like any other ads, Google trader enables the users to trade online. Buyers and sellers can also engage in transaction of goods and services online. However Google Trader Classifieds Marketplace and Advertising platform from Google is very unique as it enables the users to find and post classifieds through the use of SMS on their mobile phones. Their message services may be found on MTN, Airtel or other mobile Telecom carriers.

Google Trader – A Tool That Enables You Shop For Products and Services Around You

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Google Trader is already making waves, especially in emerging markets of Africa. The primary aim of this platform is to make it easier for businesses to post classified-type ads for their services, products and jobs. Listings on Google Trader are accessible from the web, the mobile web and via SMS and will include things like price, locations, as well as short snippets of content based on what is being advertised.

Q1. How Can One use Different Features of Google Trader to Advertise Your Products?

Q2. How Can You Use Google Trader To Post Ads with SMS?


It is simple to post your Google trader ads but you have to be registered with Google+ in order to do so otherwise you’ll get a message asking you to update to Google+, something similar to the message below once you hit “Start Selling”


Registration can be achieved through the use of mobile phones. Using mobile phones for Google Trader means that one has to type the word register to 6007. Once registered, you can begin posting ads on Google trader via SMS messages. However registration alone does not give you guarantee for posting ads, there is a procedure which must be followed in order to achieve a successful ad campaign, you should start with the keyword “sell” or “buy”. These keywords are then followed with the details of your sales. You should therefore ensure that location, prices and contacts are included in the “pitch” for the products to be sold.

Google trader is a reliable website from World’s number one search Engine –, If you wish to post your ads via SMS, once you have sent your message, It allows you to review all the classifieds you have posted on the website. It is also simple and easy to view your previous posts, type the word list and send it to 6007 and there you go. You will then receive a message containing your ad listings. Every listing has a reference number which allows you to make reference of any given product or service. To delete a classified is also a simple process, type the word delete and the reference number and send it to 6007. Your ads will be deleted immediately.

Finding ads using SMS on Google Trader is another thing you might want to do on Google Trader, In order to find anything on Google Trader with your mobile phone, all you have to do is to simply enter the keyword buy, type the product you want to by online. For example if you are searching for a Toyota car, You can start by typing the keyword “Buy Toyota” then send the message to 6007. Different brands of Toyota vehicle will be displayed allowing you to choose the best model that best suits you.

Other Things Google Trader Can Do For You:

Google trader enables you to advertise your goods and services for free, enabling you to get your products and services out there with ease. You do not need to pay money to advertise your goods and services like many other Media marketing and advertising platforms, just like with most Google products, this products is also free for all and signing up is easy and fast

Google Trader can also help give you that exposure you need for your business, there’s no doubt that it could also help in your SEO, maybe not a lot but it could be of help in some ways especially if your business is online

It’s one great way of acquiring new customers, if you have it as an option, why not give it a go since there’s no out of pocket expenses, if you can get it free somewhere else, why pay for it some other place

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