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ETN.CONNECT Offers a Range of Easy Solutions to Take Businesses Further

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Whether you are just an individual who rather prefers efficiency to hard work or a successful business that understands the need to re-invent the way it delivers its services, you are most likely going to rely on software and other automated, easier and faster ways of doing things and one Nigerian Company is at the forefront of this. ETN.CONNECT was formed in 2001 to develop and manage web applications but the scope of this founding dream has long been expanded to include local and remote Satellite and Wireless Services, Intelligent Security Solutions and services in the media, finance, health and hospitality sector. ETN.CONNECT offers very specific industry solutions which without doubt have the capability to reshape and facilitate the ease with which any business is being conducted as sometimes it can be overwhelming to carry out a seemingly easy business activity effectively.

Looking at some of the individual services offered, it becomes obvious that ETN.CONNECT has specialized in delivering easy solutions to some of the common challenges most businesses might be facing making it easier to overcome and in some cases, avoid. Some of the spectacular services on offer by ETN.CONNECT include:


.CONNECT FINANCE is a program that has been designed for business and accounting management purposes. This is one of the best tools any business that is interested in financial management and growth should endeavour to use. The software has been developed so as to be used by both micro and medium-scale enterprises to perform financial operations accurately, measure and increase productivity and ultimately save time, space and papers. The program has some unique features that will enable you to customize it to your daily operations. It focuses mainly on budgets, losses, profits, expenses, income and some other factors critical to the day to day monitoring of growth and performance in any business and it also presents all the necessary financial information a business would need in a simple and less complicated format.


.CONNECT SHOPPER is a Point of Sale (POS) and inventory management software that is used in tracking sales. It comes with a barcode feature that comes handy in larger shopping malls and supermarkets. The software offers a broad stock management solution which is quite beneficial in monitoring customer sales, alerts you when stock is low, monitors financial position at any given time, calculates stock valuation and also monitors staff module and their access restrictions and the most amazing part is that these numerous features of the program are customizable to fit your business needs irrespective of whether you operate a single store or multiple outlets. The program is dynamic in promoting good customer relations as it keeps your customers’ contacts and makes trade and correspondence much easier.


.CONNECT CLIENTELE is an application that is used in monitoring and tracking your customers effectively. Every comprehensive company scoring and review system considers customer relationship and satisfaction and in reality, it is much more easier and costs less retaining a customer than acquiring a new client if you know who your customer is.  This program helps you to keep your customers as it provides you with all the necessary information about your customers that helps in improving customer relationship


.CONNECT MEDICAL is a program that is ideal for use in Hospitals, Healthcare Centres, clinics and other health related institutions. The program is used to manage relevant healthcare activities including patient and case management, staff management, asset management, rooms and admission management etc. The software has been incorporated with other features that makes running of these institutions easily manageable.


.CONNECT PERSONNEL is a Human Resource software with Salary, Loans, Employee Tax, Benefits and Key Performance Index functions. It practically covers al the basic areas of Human Resource Management and enables you to manage all your personnel information from a central location. The program has several features that enables the employer to add new personnel and even rank them according to their job positions. This is effective in managing all the activities of the personnel as they directly reflect on their job position. With .CONNECT PERSONNEL, employers have an easy time accessing all the necessary information about their personnel.


.CONNECT HOTELIER is a software designed for managing the day to day activities of hotels, guest houses, motels and any other facility that offers accommodation and hospitality. The program is used in managing staff, food and beverages etc with barcoding options, financial management among other functions and it can be fully adapted for use in practically any hotel, bed ‘n breakfast or restaurant.


.CONNECT EDUCATOR is used in educational institutions to manage various operations associated with such sector. The program is used to automate operations including students registration, result computation, fee management, teachers’ programs, classes etc. The use of .CONNECT EDUCATOR helps in increasing efficiency, reducing cost and improving the overall management of the institution. The software covers practically all the critical areas in school management and therefore enables an easy coordination all the activities.


.CONNECT BILL PAY is a program used in financial management to make it easier for a business to offer its services. In recent times, integration of I.T with the day to day running of a business has become an essential need most especially if the goal is to deliver great services at a faster and more efficient way. You would find this programme useful for effective payment management, automatic generation of invoices,  audit and access Control,  monitoring clients’ invoices and payments, sales order and credit notes and even presenting a detailed financial report.


.CONNECT INVESTOR has been specifically developed for stock brokerage firms, financial houses, treasury bill dealers, and bond trading companies. The program is used in tracking funds to the trading platforms from customers’ accounts. It enables financial managers to access their customers’ information and undertake transactions that directly affect the position of their client in the financial house. The program is able to update daily with market news and keep you updated with the current financial status. The additional features along with the versatility of this program, makes it the best solution for common investment problems.

As simple as the name of this company may sound, it has succeeded in making very useful “connections” and integrations between the field of IT and regular business service delivery. So next time you are thinking of more effective ways to run your business, remember that there are easier ways of achieving same or even better results with less resources and manpower.

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