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How to Watch DSTV on Demand

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DSTV is definitely among the leading satellite TV in the World, and having one is quite a pleasure you mustn’t miss. With the many interesting channels it has one can never miss entertaining stuff to get glued on. DSTV has grown so wide that it offers various options even if you are on a busy schedule. With PVR decoder being among its unique products, where one can record their favorite shows or channels to watch later on, especially if the show is being aired at a time you can’t watch. Among the many features it has to offer, DSTV has launched a new feature called DSTV on demand.

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DSTV on demand is a feature that allows the DSTV users to watch their favorite shows whenever they want. This actually means that if you are a subscriber of the DSTV services you are now able to watch your stuff at the time of your choice as it is prerecorded, then downloaded and stored on a separate section of your decoder. Quite literary DSTV on demand is not that new, actually it’s been on trial for quite a while. Probably you have never noticed, but MultiChoice has been trialing DSTV on demand on its SD PVR decoder though it was never launched officially.

Now as the new DSTV on demand service is getting so popular, and as a fun of the interesting episodes or shows that they air, it is quite ethical that you take full advantage of this service as it doesn’t get any better. This article should be able to guide you on how to watch DSTV on demand.

What is required to be able to watch DSTV on Demand?

Not much is required for you to be able to watch DSTV on demand, the following list of items should make it easy for you.

The DSTV decoder option

1. DSTV Premium subscription.

I would really say that this is a necessity, but I’ll sure consider this option as DSTV on demand is a free service but only to DSTV Premium subscribes. This means if the option is otherwise you will have to pay at some point.

2. PVR decoder.

It really doesn’t matter if it is a Standard Definition PVR or the High Definition PVR. With either of the two you will be able to enjoy this great service without many problems as long as your premium subscription is updated.

The Online option

Apparently with the online option things are quite different especially when you are not a premium subscriber and you will have to pay to get access to the desired shows or episodes.

1. A Personal Computer

It really doesn’t matter if it’s a Linux machine, or a Mac machine, or even the Windows machine as long it is a working computer you are definitely good to go

2. High speed internet

Definitely with any online activity one requires internet to be able to browse the net. Apparently, one is required to have high internet speeds to be able to stream their favorite programs fluently. Unfortunately, one needs to be a subscriber of MWeb ASDL’s uncapped broadband service, though MultiChoice is still in talks with the other internet service providers.

The above are the basic tools that will enable you to watch DSTV on demand. With these you should never ever miss your favourite show again; in fact you can now watch it wherever and whenever you want.

Benefits of DSTV on demand

The benefits are quite clear but just to highlight a few:-

– One will never miss his or her favorite show again. This service will enable you to follow up on episodes of our favorite series or so in a predefined order.

– You can always download the media and watch later on, this moves entertainment to a whole new level.


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