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How To Create an Awesome Infographic in 7 Simple Steps

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Information graphics which is  also known as infographics, is a way of presenting information, data, or knowledge with the use of visual tools in a way that is clear and easy to understand. Although infographics has become very popular lately, actually they are quite ancient; it’s been reported that early humans, for instance created maps and other forms of visual representations depicting their lives, this is a form of infographics, read out more about infographics

Infographics can be a very good source for education and learning of new facts, design inspiration can also be gotten from beautifully designed infographics. Here at Afrodigit, we love beautifully designed infographics that has useful information to convey. Information graphics or data visualisation can simplify complex information and make it easier to digest.

In this article, we’ll tell you about 7 cool tools you can use to design awesome infographics as well as How you can Create an Awesome Infographic in 7 Simple Steps, we’re sure you’ll find these tips useful. In the meantime take a look at some of our previously published infographics, we’ve updated all of them so there might be one or two new things to learn.

7 Awesome Tools For Creating an Awesome Infographic

Having known what an infographic is, how then can you create one? Creation of an infographic is no easy task let alone an awesome one and it involves rigorous work of various experts. Before we go into creating Infographic, What are the tools you’ll need to be able to achieve this:

  1. Gliffy – This tool helps you to easily create professional-quality flowcharts, diagrams, floor plans, technical drawings, and more. With this too you can easily drag-and-drop your way through the makings of an infographic using the many shapes from an extensive library.
  2. Tableau Public – This is a free application for your Windows computer that brings data to life. It is an easy to use tool that enables you to create and share interactive charts and graphs, stunning maps, live dashboards and fun applications in minutes.
  3. Creately – If you want to create beautiful diagrams in no time? This tool is a good choice to use as it can be used across all sectors by individuals, corporate teams, developers, software architects, students and teachers alike for diagramming purposes.
  4. ChartsBin – This is an online tool to create your own interactive map instantly without any installation or coding required, with this tool you can embed the map in your own website or blog easily too.
  5. SIMILE Widgets – This is  a free and open-source data visualization Web widget that can be of help in the creation of your infographic.
  6. Tagxedo – This enables you to turn words – quotes, famous speeches, news articles, slogans, themes – into a cloud in real time.
  7. Wordle – Wordle is a toy for generating “word clouds” from text that you provide. The clouds give greater prominence to words that appear more frequently in the source text. You can tweak your clouds with different fonts, layouts, and color schemes. The images you create with Wordle are yours to use however you like. You can print them out, or save them to the Wordle gallery to share with your friends.

A new infographic by has given us an insight on how we can actually create some of the coolest infographics to get the word out about any new data or information we want to pass across, from selecting a topic to brainstorming and organising the content. Why not take a look at it and let’s know what you make of it.

How To Create an Awesome Infographic in 7 Simple Steps

How to Create an Awesome Infographic

We’ll like to know your thoughts in the comments section, this infographic is brought to you by Graphs, a leading resource for data visualization and creative infographics

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