Kenya’s Chura Offers More Freedom on your Mobile Network

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Mobile technology has seen phenomenal growth in Africa and most especially in Kenya. Apart from the fact that the discovery of mobile phones has made communication relatively easier compared to when only cellular phones and home telephones were the only voice communication technology in existence at which time they were also invariably, markers of affluence; mobile technology has unleashed tremendous opportunities for a whole lot of applications and has formed a thriving backbone for unimaginable inventions however, due to the high competition for market share and dominance, the basic freedom of mobile phone users has significantly reduced over time and is still dwindling; a good instance of such lack of freedom is seen when mobile network providers go to any length to keep a customer within their networks and offer incentives and discounts for calling contacts within their network while significantly raising tariff for connections to other networks or even making it impossible to call out to other networks; others similarities would be the difficulties in switching between networks and not to mention transfer of airtime between networks and other mobile money services. With this, customers are also stuck with the inefficiencies in service delivery from the network provider they are signed up with.

However, Chura, a Kenyan SMS, mobile and web based service offers unimaginable freedom to mobile phone users and aims to ease the difficulties most users experience and remove the subtle limitations imposed by mobile network operators by connecting a user to all mobile networks from their SIM card. Chura is able to achieve this by offering some of the most spectacular services which include making is super easy to access airtime services that are usually almost unavailable to most people like buying airtime from any network provider, bulk airtime services, airtime for cash and airtime switch services all of which are available to customers irrespective of the mobile service providers being used so long as there is access to mobile phone or internet. In essence, Chura allows mobile users to access Airtime and Mobile money services across the different mobile networks anywhere in Kenya at any time. These services are explored in more detail below.

Buy Airtime Service

With Chura, it is very easy to buy airtime for any mobile phone number in Kenya using any mobile money transfer service that is available to you. For instance, it is now easy to buy Airtel, YU or Orange airtime using any mobile transfer service that is available to you such as Safaricom’s M-Pesa, YU-Cash, Airtel Money, or Orange Money and the airtime would be sent to any phone number of choice. Chura is without doubt, a novel product in the telecommunication industry that has drastically bridged the gap between service providers in Kenya to deliver a simple and easy service to Kenyans.

Airtime for Cash Service

Airtime for Cash is another awesome service from Chura. Exchanging airtime for cash has never been this possible and easy! You may have found yourself in a situation where you are out of cash and the only money at your disposal is some excess airtime in your phone. Chura understands that this is a common occurrence and through their Airtime for Cash exchange service, you can simply exchange your airtime for Money by sending the airtime and receiving the money in your mobile money account.

Bulk Airtime Service

This unique service from Chura enables any customer of any mobile network service provider to send airtime to multiple users on any other network provider in Kenya. This is done with just a click of a button.

Switch Airtime Service

Generally, the rising need for adoption of different mobile money transfer has come with difficulties that hinder cross-network navigation but this service allows you to transfer airtime across  various networks. For instance, if you have unused airtime in your phone and are feeling generous, you can send some of your airtime to anyone irrespective of the mobile service provider that you or the other person is using.

Benefits and Uniqueness of Chura’s Services

Chura is without doubt a novel idea that is providing a cross-platform for mobile services users to freely hover between service providers as they like. it has succeeded in bringing together the mobile service providers in order to meet the growing needs of mobile money market. It is purely an innovation that brings convenience for better service delivery. With Chura, a regular mobile network user can simply maximize the benefits from any network while minimizing the inefficiencies to receive excellent, cost-effective, fast and convenient mobile services.

The benefits one can get from using Chura’s services are really enormous and include speed, freedom, accessibility and convenience of using any network provider without being indirectly forced to stick with their inefficiencies as a user is granted access to the services of every network operator in Kenya regardless of which home network the customer is signed up to.

Chura for Business

Chura has made it possible for airtime vending businesses to easily offer their services in the most convenient way.With CHURA API, a developer can register a merchant account and sell airtime for any network operator of interest and also, businesses are able to make airtime payouts to multiple individuals at the click of a button, manage users, accounts and keep records.

The Future

Creativity is vital to remaining relevant in Kenya’s mobile technology industry and this is the reason Chura is soon to launch an Android application that will make service delivery even easier and the company also holds plans to eventually launch an Unstructured Supplementary Service Data (USSD) service that will facilitate seamless communication among users. It is unquestionable that Chura has positioned itself as a highly innovative and revolutionary company that would drive the mobile telco industry forward; providing a number of unique mobile money transfer services that mobile money service providers are not able to deliver while bridging the ever widening gap between network providers in Kenya.


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