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90 Best Questions To Ask Siri

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In case you have not heard about Siri, it is a voice activated device developed by Apple, specifically for iPhone or iPad users. It can be used to make calls, send text messages, schedule meetings and so much more, all these functions are performed just by a voice command. This is a major breakthrough for Apple and a serious revolution in the tech industry.  One fascinating thing about Siri is that it is not always business minded, you can actually have fun with Siri, lets say Siri can be hilarious, the same way it answers serious questions it also answers funny questions with funny answers in return. Here are some of the best questions you can ask Siri.

Best Questions To Ask Siri

Best Questions To Ask Siri

1. Sorry about that!

2. Beam me up Scotty!

3. Siri, are you part of Skynet?

4. Siri, can I teach you a joke?

5. Siri do you speak Southern?

6. Can I borrow some money?

7. Why did the chicken cross the road?

8. Are you human?

9. What are you wearing?

10. Are you sexy

11. Are you gay

12. Testng testing 123 123

13. Call me an ambulance

14. Can you murder someone for you

15. I love you siri

16. Tell me a joke siri

17. I am going to jump off a bridge and die

18. I think I am drunk

19. I am tired Siri

20. I am going to kill myself

21. Why am I here

22. Why are you here

23. Who is your daddy

24. Where is the nearest Gloryhole

25. What are you wearing Siri?

26. You are funny

27. I love smoking weed

28. Beam me up

29. You are an idiot

30. You are stupid

31. Have a nice day

32. Do you suck balls

33. Tell me a story

34. How are you today

35. I think I am drunk

36. Where are you

37. What do you think of Android

38. How old are you

39. Why are you so annoying

40. How much wood could a woodchuck chuck, if a woodchuck could chuck wood?

41. What is your favorite color?

42. Open the pod bay doors

43. Can you make me a sandwich?

44. Take me to your leader

45. Sing a song

46. Beam me up

47. Open the pod bay doors

48. I can do this all day long

49. What is the best tablet computer in the world

50. I need to hide a body

51. Do you think I am sexy

52. Did you fart

53. Thank you

54. I want to see some tits

55. How do you look like

56. What is the best phone

57. What is your favorite color

58. Are you man or woman?

59. Where to buy drugs?

60. How much do you cost?

61. The blue pill or the red one?

62. Does Santa Clause exist?

63. Do you know Steve Jobs?

64. What is the best tablet?

65. What’s the best computer?

66. I need to hide a body

67. Talk dirty to me

68. How much wood could a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood?

69. Who’s on first?

70. What’s the answer to the Universe?

71. Go to hell

72. Guess what

73. What is the best computer in the world

74. What is the best smart phone in the world

75. I like drinking beer

76. Do you drink beer

77. Why not

78. Why did chicken crossed the road

79. What does Siri mean

80. You are my best friend

81. Should I jump off this bridge

82. What is the meaning of life

83. What is the meaning of love

84. Why are you so awesome

85. Siri, can you tell me some dirty stories

86. Siri, will you marry me

87. Good Morning Siri

88. What are you doing right now

89. You are the best assistant ever

90. Take me to your leader

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