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Top 10 Best Instagram Alternatives For Apple iPhone

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Who wouldn’t love to take a view of photos, especially if these were taken by people who mattered? Images of kids, locations, celebrations and even pets that are taken fondly are nice to look at since it does not merely narrate to you how everyone else is doing or what they are up to these days. It actually shows how their kids look lately, the house that they live in, how they celebrated their anniversary and much more.

And this is why Instagram was widely accepted by everyone. This photo-sharing application did more than just take photos. It is able to put effects on the photos, specialising on adding a vintage look which gives more drama to the image.

However, some people may have hesitations on continuing using this application after being acquired by the social media giant Facebook. While people are still not clear as to how this will affect their usage of this photo-sharing app, there are ten other popular alternatives for iPhone that are worthy to look at:

iphone - Best Instagram Alternatives For Apple iPhone

Top 10 Best Instagram Alternatives For Your Apple iPhone

  1. PicYou – This free app has an interface that is the same with Instagram so avid users of this app won’t have a hard time learning to use the PicYou. What makes this better than Instagram is, it lets you decide if you want to share the image on social media sites. Should you prefer not to, you can still apply the effects on the images. Some filters cost a dollar, though.
  2. PicPlz – This is another free app which is deemed as the most popular alternative to Instagram today. It does a lot of editing functions that can be found on Instagram plus a few more that the latter hasn’t.
  3. Hipster – This app is more into the postcard as its theme. The photos also come in rectangular cut, unlike in Instagram which is square. The filters are designed to give the images a postcard look.
  4. Hipstamatic – This photo sharing app has more differences with Instagram but in a nice way. It is more into giving a retro and fun look in your photos. It also lets you apply a filter before you take a shot. This way, you can make adjustments that will make the photo look best according to the filter.
  5. Camera+ – If you want a more powerful camera features than Instagram, Camera+ is the right choice. It can let the user do more adjustments, it is almost like using a professional camera, while making the editing tools simple to use. Sharing options are limited to Facebook, Flickr, and Twitter.
  6. Pinweel – It has similarities with Google+ in such a way that users can create groups so photos can be shared only among selected people. Photos can be shared publicly too.
  7. Camera Awesome – Another free application, this is also more on camera features rather than a photo sharing app. Like the Camera+, it gives close to professional photography features. Sharing options include Facebook, Flickr, Twitter, Picasa, Instagram and Photobucket.
  8. EyeEm – One feature with this app that most photo sharing app does not have is the sharing of photos in groups.
  9. Pixlr-o-Matic – This app also has the 25 filters that Instagram has plus 30 light effects that you can apply on your photos. Pixlr-o-Matic also comes with a desktop app.
  10. CamWow – CamWow is also more into effects, like the Pixlr-o-Matic and Camera Awesome. However, users can adjust the filters before they shoot the photo.

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