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Best Android Apps For 2015

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Android apps are mobile softwares specifically developed for operating on the Android OS or operating system. This is probably the most popular platform used in tablets, cellphones along with other mobile devices. Google’s OS has an open source nature which directly means that users can download and install numerous fantastic applications on their phones and tablets. Most of the top Android apps are free, and there are free versions of the paid ones, so users can always choose to make the most of the Android apps store without having to worry about the finances involved.

Back in 2008, the first ever Android-powered handset was released and since then the Android apps store has become one the most visited marketplaces for downloading of applications. Back when it first started out, the Android Market for apps was quite minimalistic as compared to the Apple store for applications. Today, the store offers millions of applications for quick and easy download.

In the crowded Android Market, finding the best and top rated apps can be quite a challenge. This is where a comprehensive list of apps comes in handy. The apps are usually rated based on how many downloads it has recorded and the general public reviews collected. Here is a list of best apps for Android phones and tablet PCs based on user reviews and number of downloads:

Best Android Apps

1) Seesmic for Twitter (Free)


There are many Twitter applications on Android, including an official one by Twitter itself, but Seesmic has been popular for numerous reasons. It provides unlimited support for several accounts and a home-page widget shows the newest tweets in real time. The design is very professional and it is quite user friendly, this app is free but there’s a pro version you can get for £1.89 available here

2) Samsung ChatOn (Free)

samsung chat up

While there are plenty of messaging tools for the Android platform, Samsung’s ChatOn take the cake. With multi-platform support and the ability to incorporate social networking features, ChatOn has clients available for older, non-smart Samsung phones as well.

3) Flicker (Free)

Flickr is one of the best Android apps for users who like all their news, tweets and updates in one place. The app supports Twitter and Facebook sharing and users can click pictures from within Flicker. There is a set of Instagram-like filters as well. If you can get it free, why not, this app is available for free

4) FX Photo Editor ($3.99)

The FX Photo Editor is a great photo editing tool. It is packed with filters, cropping tools and frames and also lets users tweak their pictures with various other resourceful features and tools. There is a free version as well that comes with fewer features.

5) BeWeather (Free)

be weather

Although there are various weather apps for users to choose from, BeWeather is often considered one of the best android apps. It displays the current weather in vibrant HD weather animations. Users are also given many customizable clock and weather widgets. Weather applications are always a huge hit with smartphone users and these also come in handy.

6) Postman SMS Spam Blocker (Free)


Users who prefer a good text message spam filter and blocker can download the Postman SMS Spam Blocker for free. This app automatically filters unwanted text messages so that they never actually reach you. Filtering out spammy and unwanted texts is one of the biggest concerns for smartphone owners. With an application like Postman SMS Spam Blocker, the task becomes simple and hassle-free.

7) DoubleTwist Alarm Clock ($1.99)

double twist

This is one of the most beautiful and feature-rich alarm clock apps for Android. Unlike most other alarm clock apps, this one is paid but its layout makes it worth the money. doubleTwist has been popular for releasing some of the best known Android apps.

8) Google Maps (Free)

google map

One of the top Android apps for navigation is the Google Maps Navigation app. Designed for users with Android 1.6 or above, the application offers turn-by-turn navigation and route calculations are done as soon as the trip starts. Users are on target even when the GPS signal is lost.

9) Dropbox (Free)

Dropbox gained a lot of popularity when it was introduced for the iOS platform and its Android version has also become highly popular, making it one of the best apps for Android. The app allows users to sync files across all their devices with ease. Although everything is not as automated as users would have hoped, it is still a great app.

10) Photon ($0.99)


For users who love puzzle games, Photon is one of the best android apps. If you loved games like Bejeweled or Chuzzle, then Photon is something that you must download on your Android phone or tablet. The game is easy to play and poses quite a challenge to even the most seasoned of players.

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