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Best Apps For Making Phone Calls in 2014

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There is an app for almost everything you can think of in this modern day of app culture we live in today, apps for making phone calls, apps for managing your finance, apps for reading, just name it and you have it. Several years ago when Skype came out, it was the big thing we were all expecting to see. the possibility of making free high-quality phone calls excited all of us. The idea of clearly and instantly transmitting your voice from one computer to another was both fascinating and never heard of before. Making a phone call with your phone is no longer the only way. Instead, you can download a number of apps to your smartphone or tablet and use those to make phone calls. Certain phone calling apps allow you to make free long distance calls, which are great for those who have family in other countries. Other apps give you the ability to video chat or send text messages for free. In this article, we will be looking at some of the Best Apps for making Phone calls. What are the best apps for making phone calls, here goes the list…

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Best Apps for Making Phone Calls…

1. Forfone

Forfone - best apps for making phone calls

This is one of the best apps for making phone calls. Every phone call you make with forfone is absolutely free. You can call, text and picture message anywhere in the world, and you will never be charged. As long as you and your recipient have the app and an Internet connection, you can chat the night away without spending money. This is great for any users who have family living in another area. If your recipients do not have forfone, you can still call them, but you will be charged. Once you download the app, you can start making phone calls, and forfone will automatically scan your contact list and let you know who already has the app.

2. Viber


If you want free phone calls with HD sound quality, Viber is your app. With Viber, all of the features are free. You can call or text anyone as long as you both have Viber and an Internet connection. Like forfone, Viber will automatically check your contact list and let you know who has the app. This way, you can start chatting for free right away. Viber is always running so that you can always receive phone calls and messages through the app, and you don’t have to worry about incoming advertisements, as the app promises to always remain ad free.

3. Skype


Skype is possibly the most popular apps for making phone calls today. If you want to video chat with your friends. family members or coworkers, Skype is the app for you. As long as the other user has Skype, any video chats, phone calls and texts will be completely free. If your recipient doesn’t have Skype, the charges are extremely small. Plus, front and rear facing cameras are great for those using the video chat features, and Skype-to-Skype calls can be placed from anywhere.

4. Google Voice

google voice

If you have a Google Voice account, you can access it from anywhere with the Google Voice app. International calls can be made at extremely low costs, and you can send free text messages through the app. You can also make phone calls with your Google Voice number, and you can access your voicemails from anywhere in the world. So if you want to video chat or make phone calls for free, quit using your phone and download these apps instead. They provide great quality and can significantly cut down your phone bill. Plus, they’re great for those individuals who send a great deal of text messages or who have family or friends in areas that are considered long-distance charges to their phone company.

Other Notable Apps For Making Phone Calls

5. NetTalk

With Viber, you can call others but with NettTalk you can call all landlines in the U.S and Canada for free. This app is very well designed and requires pretty much no setup on the user’s part. It also gives you an excellent call quality but perpahs, the greatest selling point with this app is the fact that it’s free, this app is pretty much a no-brainer.

6. Nimbuzz 

Just like Fring, Nimbuzz used to enable its users to Skype on mobile phones, until Skype disabled the feature. This app combines the powers of the Internet and mobile communications into one, and lets you make calls, send messages and share files, on any mobile device, for free. Just recently, Nimbuzz announced that it has hit the milestone of 50 million users. One other bug advantage this app has over others is the fact that it is truly cross platform, available on every smartphone platform worldwide.

7. Vonage for Facebook 

This is another app I’ll never fail to mention here, it is a leading name in the VoIP space but what makes it even more unique is the fact that it is free and allows you to call your Facebook friends for free. Your friend needs to have the app installed but once they’ve installed it, you can call them free of charge

8. TalkBox 

What makes Talkbox unique is the fact that you can essentially push a button to talk to your friend in real time, sort of like voice SMS. This app allows you to Push-to-talk (PTT) INSTANT Walkie Talkie, voice messaging, text messaging, photo sharing and location sharing with your friends and like some of the one’s we’ve previously mentioned, it’s also Cross-Platform Messenger, it is also simple and easy to use.

9. Fring 

Fring is one of the oldest apps in the VoIP space and works on its own network, Similar to Skype described above, the only downside is the fact that you cannot see your friends categorised by network so you don’t know who is on Aim, Gtalk, Facebook, etc. Other than that, Fring is a great solution.


I use this one all the time, one of the most distinguishing feature about this app is the fact that it specialises in free video calling across iPhone and Android. It is perhaps the only app that allows users on both platforms to video call, but the app is also a little buggy, however its stability has improved significantly since the first version was released and it’s reliability in usage between iPhone and Android has increased significantly.

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