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Best 50 Technology Websites of 2015

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As technology continues to improve, more and more technology websites are emerging online. This post looks at some of the best technology and Social media websites on the planet, from CNET to The Verge, TheNextWeb and Mashable. The last few years has seen so much interest by people in the area of digital technology, digital media, social media, gadgets, games and mobile reviews, these are the most discussed things between tech freaks of this generation. many websites & blogs have become so popular raking in millions of pageviews as a result of the information they provide in the area of tech and social media. In this article, we will be looking at those Technology Websites with contents worth visiting or taking a look at, take a look at our top 10 technology websites.

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afrodigit_cover2 - Best 50 Technology Websites of 2014

Top 50 Best Technology Websites of 2014 – Tech Sites We Love Right Now

1. CNET:

CNET is a great resource for tech and business news, it is a technology media website that publishes news, articles, blogs, and podcasts on digital technology and consumer electronics. CNET was originally founded in 1994 by Halsey Minor and Shelby Bonnie, a flagship brand of CNET Networks, In 2008, CNET Networks was acquired by CBS Interactive. The website has five major sections that include product reviews, news and blogs (which can equally be accessed with the domain name “”), downloads, CNET TV, and How To, there’s another section of the site for deals and coupons. Among all these five sections, the Reviews section of the site is the largest part generating more than 4,300 product and software reviews per year. It’s based in San Francisco California.

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2. Apple Insider:

This website provides detailed information about Apple products and prices, it is a technology news and rumor website with discussion board for discussion of news stories and other community news on everything that Apple has to offer, there’s also reviews section, price guide for products, members of the community are also able to make their own reviews which is available for everyone to see.

3. Bits:

Informative tech news update section of New York Times, this website covers the business of technology, from computer security and social media culture to the world of cloud computing and mobile technology, it explores how the world of digital technology and social media is changing today’s business, some of the major topics on the website include: Facebook, Apple, Google, Start-Ups, Internet, Social, Mobile, Security & Devices.

4. PC World:

Just as the name implies, this is for everything related to PC, this website provides valuable tech news and product reviews, like CNET, it is also based in San Francisco CA, this website is a leading source for technology product reviews, latest technology news, how-to’s and free downloads, it offers advice on some of the topics in digital tech such as security, broadband, softwares, Printers

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5. Mashable:

This is a Scottish-American news website and Internet news blog founded by Pete Cashmore back in 2005, the website focuses on Social Media culture and digital technology, it covers latest technology news and developments in Gadgets, Mobile, Entertainment, Startups, Business & Marketing, With Alexa ranking of about 274, the website ranks as one of the most visited tech websites in the world, it has won several awards including being named by Time as one of the 25 best blogs in 2009, Pete Cashmore launched Mashable from his home in Aberdeen, Scotland in July 2005, Mashable is headquatered in San Francisco & New York City

6. Techcrunch:

Founded by Michael Arrington in June 2005 as a network of technology-oriented blogs, Techcrunch has since grown to become affiliated with other websites that include Crunchbase, Crunch Board, TechCrunch Japan, TechCrunch Europe and TechCrunch TV, with Alexa of 359 as at the time of this writing, the website still maintains a comfortable number 11 position on Technorati, the website has been acquired by AOL.

7. TheNextWeb:

This website provides Technology news and views from Tech writers around the world, founded in 2008 by Boris Veldhuijzen van Zanten, Patrick de Laive, Arjen Schat, TNW has grown to become one of the world’s largest online publications delivering international perspective on the latest news and events about Internet technology, business and culture. according to DoubleClick Ad Planner, TNW as it isknown for short has a worldwide audience of 1.3 million unique users, the site receives over 6 million monthly pageviews.

8. TechDirt:

This website provides information on important tech issues, the website was founded in 1997 by Mike Masnick and it was originally based on the weblog Slashwith it’s approximately 800,000 RSS subscribers, over 45,000 posts and over 600,000 comments as well as a consistent Technorati Technology Top 100 rating, both Forbes and Business Week awarded Techdirt with Best of the Web thought leader awards.

9. Venturebeat:

Founded in 2006 by Matt Marshall, VentureBeat is one of the top technology blogs in the world, it specialises in following tech related events and news around the world, from social to small business, mobile to enterprise as well as clean tech, cloud computing and games, some of the companies covered include Google, Facebook, Yahoo, Microsoft, Ebay, Oracle, Apple, Twitter, Zynga, Cisco and Samsung

10. Slashdot:

A website that describes itself as “News for Nerds. Stuff that Matters”, Slashdot is a tech related website that features user-generated content about science and technology-related topics. The website is owned by Dice Holdings Inc, a US based company

11. Unwired View:

This website features News pertaining to the wireless systems, it was launched in early 2006 as a personal mobile technology blog, but has grown to become a major mobile technology news and reviews website on the internet.

12. TheRegister:

This is a UK Technology views and opinions website, Based in London, UK and San Francisco CA, it was founded by John Lettice and Mike Magee in 1994, it initially started as an email newsletter known as “Chip Connection”, but later transformed itself into a full blown website. Mike left The Register to start The Inquirer, and later the IT Examiner and then TechEye in 2001. The website gets over 1.5 million regular users in the UK, 500,000 regular viewers in Canada and 3 million regular viewers in the US

13. Slashgear:

This website covers the latest gadgets and technology trends, the website is owned by R3 Media LLC and was launched in December 2005, it is published in two languages – English and Japanese

14. Silicon Alley Insider

A Tech and media section of Business Insider, this website discusses start-ups and other technology business issues, the website was founded in 1999 by DoubleClick Founder and former C.E.O. Kevin P. Ryan, the website also aggregates top news stories from around the web

Other Technology Websites We Love:

15, Search Engine Land: Latest news about search engines, such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing.
16. Redmond Pie: Cover issues about latest iOS hacks for mobile devices
17. ReadWriteWeb: Delivers social media news
18. Pocket-Lint: Tech news site mainly about gadgets
19. Makeuseof: A booming online magazine featuring cool websites, cool software and internet tips.
20. Lifehacker: Tech related “how to” articles
21. Inside Facebook: Pools ideas of social media experts
22. Intomobile: Mobile related news and issues
23. I4U: Information on latest gadgets and mobile devices
24. Google Mobile Blog: News about Android Platforms
25. Gizmodo: Coverage about consumer electronics
26. GigaOm: Focuses on VoID and broadband issues
27. Gadgetell: Technology news
28. Engadget: Breaking news in the world of technology
29. Electronista : Macintoch News
30. Droid Life: Droid phone, Apps, and reviews
31. Download Squad: Announces available downloads
32. Digitimes: Technology industry news world-wide
33. Digital Trends: News and reviews about new products
34. CrunchGear: Breaking news about cell phones, games, hardware and software issues and reviews.
35. Computer World: News about latest products and opinions
36. Boy Genius Report: Breaking news in technology industry
37. Ars Technica: Covers a wide variety of games and other technology news
38. Android-Apps: Android reviews and issues
39. Anand Tech: All about hardware
40. AllThingsDigital: Wall Street Journal Technology blog discussions and opinions
41. Technology Review: Product reviews
42. Enterprise Network: Network issues
43. Engadget: Gadget reviews
44. Boing Boing: Magazine about media issues
45. Wired: Non-wireless coverage
46. Wireless Network Setup
47. The Register: Tech Humor
48. Digg: Articles about different issues
49. Boy Genius Report: The breaking news of the gadget world seems to find its way to BGR with regularity, meaning it should be your first stop for scoops about what’s happening in mobile and consumer tech toys.
50. Gdgt: This is a website for reviews from “people who actually have your product.”

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