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5 Easy Ways to Make Your Content Go Viral

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Viral content is effective marketing for companies with a presence online. Let’s be frank, the number one reason why content marketers publish their content on the web is for it to get to the much needed audience, viral content builds backlinks in a short period of time with a little effort, it is one of the cost-free technique for promoting a business transaction. Nowadays, everybody is talking about how to get their content go viral. Social media, small business owners and even big brands have become obsessed with this simple goal – how to get their content go viral and sometimes it’s not even the content that we’ve worked so hard for that ends up going viral. We’ve all seen funny dance Youtube videos that ends up with 5 million views. The question then is; How can you as an online content marketer make your content go viral?

How To Make Your Content Go Viral in 5 easy Ways

There are several ways to create viral content, here are some tips that may increase the likelihood of your content going viral: Content Go Viral

5 Easy Ways to Make Your Content Go Viral

1. Make it Unique, Amazing, Unbelievable or Borderline Absurd.

Viral videos often have some to the most unbelievable or absurd characters. The stranger or more amazing the occurrence is, the more likely it is to go viral. Create a unique character that has universal appeal. The character will be most effective if it makes people laugh, leaves people in awe or in shock. This will increase the brand recognition for the company. Be careful. If the character is ineffective, it could also hurt your brand. One unique red book. Isolated 3D image

2. Focus on the Latest Trends.

By focusing on the latest trends, your company can capitalize on the most popular search terms. This will attract more visitors to your content and increase the opportunity for sharing. This process is effective for creating backlinks and traffic. Part of any effective content marketing strategy involves keeping up with the latest trends. This is a fast moving industry with significant evolution of content within a short space of time and you need to keep up with in order to stay ahead. We have seen the emergence of breakout trends in the name of Visual Facebook Timeline, Instagram, Pinterest with significant growth in the use of use of mobile apps and the mobile web, has led most content marketers to begin focusing on visual content. Google now gives preference to fresh new and high quality content, ranking websites with fresh content higher. By focusing on the latest trends, your company will increase the likelihood of gaining a higher ranking on Google’s search engine. trends

3. Create a Catch Phrase.

Everyone loves repeating catch phrases. Companies need a “Where’s the beef?” type catch phrase to be successful. A recent and successful catch phrase is “Chuck Testa.” The name, for some reason, was funny to people, and the use of the phrase grew virally like a wildfire. To determine the viral quality of a website, read the phrase aloud like a newscaster. If the sound makes you want to laugh or learn more about the product or service, it will be effective. If not, try something different. A test audience may also provide some input. wherestheBeef

4. Infographics are Good Candidates for Viral Content.

Surfers love visually appealing graphics. Infographics are the most common types of online content shared online. Many people would rather learn about products, services, concepts or companies through infographics rather than text. Many people are impressed with the display of information and will share the information with their friends. Appealing infographics are among some of the most frequently shared types of online content as so many people will prefer to learn through imagery that is engaging rather paragraphs of text. A typical example is an eBay. com, global content head of Jordan Koene’s infographic that showed Star Wars sales data on eBay, the infographic was a hit simply because no one had compiled such an information before in such a visually engaging manner. what-is-an-infographic

5. Influencer Buy-in Helps to Create Viral Content.

When content is endorsed by an authority in the field, more people are likely to recommend it to others. This can help to create viral content. Companies and Content marketers should build relationships with leaders in the industry and ask them to share the content with their followers. This will increase traffic and help to make the content viral.

Viral Content is Possible with Some Ingenuity

Creating viral content requires ingenuity. Very little content on the Internet has viral quality. Companies that can achieve viral quality are truly effective advertisers and will be able to create backlinks effortlessly.

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